3 Reasons To Love Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek, CAI’ve had the pleasure of calling Walnut Creek home since 2001, and my attachment grows stronger every year.  For those that live here, though, that’s no surprise.  So, when a buddy of mine asked me to rattle off 3 reasons why he should move over to the East Bay and become my neighbor, I thought to myself – no problem!  But then, as I started my own rendition of college basketball’s March Madness … as in, 64 reasons all battling for the top spot … I realized this may be harder than I originally thought – can I really narrow it down to just 3?!?  Well, here goes… Reason #1 … one big playground. I happen to be a wanna-be triathlete.  Although, as my friends will tell you, I can barely swim to save my life, my bike still has training wheels on it and my running pace is often surpassed by walkers … oh well, I still try!  Anyways, the fact is, Walnut Creek gives me an abundance of choices for fulfilling all my outdoor desires.  Heather Farms and Renaissance Club Sport are two popular choices for getting in a little pool time.  The north entrance to Mt Diablo and the numerous open space areas (Shell Ridge, Lime Ridge, Acalanes Ridge and others) give road and mountain bikers plenty of miles to ride and hills to climb.  And then, the extensive paved trail systems (Iron Horse Trail, Contra Costa Canal Trail, Briones to Mt Diablo Trail and others) give road runners a safe place to pound all the pavement their heart desires.  How can you not love this area? Reason #2 … shop ’til you drop. OK, my wife will die if she ever reads this because she swears that I’m allergic to shopping; however, that doesn’t mean the importance of good retail is lost on my pour soul.  In fact, a recent appraisal highlighted Walnut Creek as being in the top 10 of all Main Street retail areas in the US … not too shabby!  Broadway Plaza is the main attraction, but I can just sit here and rattle off some names to get your attention – Nordstrom’s, Tiffany’s, Apple, Lacoste, Betsy Johnson, Banana Republic, Macy’s, H&M, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Barnes and Noble, Urban Outfitters … do I need to continue?  How about a brand new Neiman Marcus that is set to open soon?  Yeah, there’s a lot of shopping here – and this list is just scratching the surface of all the retail shops in town. Reason #3 … sample from the menu. OK, we’ve been swimming, biking and running all around the outskirts of town … we’ve been shopping all through the heart of downtown … now it’s time to refuel and get some food in our bellies.  Lucky for us, there are a ton of choices.  What are you in the mood for?  Some steak – try Fleming’s, Vic’s or Ruth’s Chris.  Italian – head over to Tomatina’s, Il Fornaio or Montecatini.  Indian – some of the best in the Bay Area can be found at Sargam’s.  Just want a burger – hit up the Habit, George’s or the Counter.  Best sandwich shop in the area – Morucci’s.  A little Asian cuisine – Koreana Kitchen, Do Sit and I could go on and on.  Suffice it to say, though, that Walnut Creek has an answer for just about every type of food craving you might have. So how’d I do?  Three pretty good reasons in my opinion and I didn’t even get around to talking about the schools, the weather, the easy commute to the rest of the Bay Area or any of the companies relocating their head quarters out here. Still on the fence about making the move?  Give me a call and we can talk – 925.817.8428 :)

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